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Akhil Cj Shake Effect On Android



Photoshop is like an art you can easily learn good photo editing through mobile in this situation.But usually we need to edit any photo or video. Anna we need some video editing applications.
For example, if you edit a lot of photos, you will mostly use an application called Picks Art.

But there are a lot more good photo and video editing application store than pick art.In other words, if you look on YouTube, you will see hundreds of thousands of photo video editing videos.

Well now that we get into the topic here is how we should add some effect in today’s video.Usually you need two applications for this and their link will appear below you from there you can easily download them on your mobile.

What we are going to do today is how to add a new effect to the video.And today I will show you how to add a new effect in a video.Here are two key pointers in moving forward:The first is the smoke effect and the second is the over lay effect.

A link to these will also appear below you. Click there to download and save on your mobile.Video editing can then be done using this template.

This way you can easily add anything in any video editing using these applications.

If you have any doubt you can comment on it in the comment box below.




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