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An easy sky replacement for editing travel’s picture!

The weather determines whether a travel will succeed or not. So don’t let the dreadful weather ruin your travel and outdoor photos.

Sky Editor’s various photo filter gives the sky a colorful cloud and background.

Now with Sky Editor bring a realistic sense and feeling of picnic atmosphere to your unforgettable pictures.

Actually it’s getting more attractive when the sun is fully shinning and the cool breeze of the spring blows from all sides.

As well with picnic Sky editor the best overlay and the most recommended trippy effect that enables you perfectly to bring blue sky background instantly.

+ What’s new in Sky Editor : Sky overlay, Photo filter and editor app?

-Feel free with Sky Editor the new generation of travelling camera app, to start a magical journey of taking adorable and inspiring pictures.
-This hot brand of photo application gives you the chance to fuel your pictures with real picnic and panoramic views and it will turn your background into breathtaking portraits.
-Summer is coming and it’s seems that Sky Editor going to be your favorite photo editor to take and edit your vacation and summertime photos.
-Travel Camera picnic includes captivating background effects like: sunset effect cloud effect, rain effect, trippy effect, starry sky effect, stormy effect…
-New camera picnic allows you to decorate your pictures with different and natural views and turn photos into real pieces of arts.
-This sky and overlay camera gives your photo an artistic dimension using impressive blur effects.




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