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Now make fabulous Motion in Photos, Motion Photo Editor – Photo Animator & Video Maker is a unique application to create animated photo with latest motion effects. Bring your Photos to app and make awesome motion picture free images with simple tools. This app allows you to apply motion animation effect on a specific object, just select the area and provide direction for photo motion moving pictures. Using this app you can create background motion picture, live photo to video and animated pictures. You can change easily your pictures to alight motion, live photo and moving image also running photos, motion art and moving background pictures. Just Download this app which gives you all the functionalities of moving image and show your loop photos with your friends now.
With various animated effects and delightful filters, it’s the foremost creative way to share your live photo and motion pictures on social media. Add an incredible cinema graphs effect to your live photo, just select any area within the photo and add motion art effect to your picture. Add the real camera moving effects and dope changes to your photos. Create graphic images that stands out of the crowd with this powerful application.
Add enjoyable Overlays to bring mood and emotion to your still photos. Get motion picture effects to make your stories come alive and alight motion with unique overlays. Use motion pictures and share your creative live photo visual stories on social media. Make these moving backgrounds photos and live wallpapers to personalize your mobile Home screen.
Feature of Motion in Photo & Motion Picture app :
• Select your photo from the gallery easily to motion photo gif.
• Use the movement tool at each point of motion photo you want to give a live effect.
• Give direction to apply motion effect.
• With the stabilize tool, you can select the points not be moved. When three stabilization points are connected with each other then it create a stabilized region.
• With the mask tool, you can define the region of the live picture that will not have movement.
• Create your live animated photo motion with a cinemagraph effect & moving pictures effects.
• Save your motion picture free and share with friends and all social media sites.
This application is developed to make live your photo and animate anything in images simply by drawing a path on picture. Adjust the speed of picture motion. You can make the flow of river, the movements of clouds and even make fire dance. Create great motion photos free. Use this app to create your dynamic photo moving that looks classy and stunning. You can create excited, funny & horror motion images free. Motion Picture helps you to imagine many scenes for your static photo such as movement of fire, movement of cloud in the water and hair flying in the wind.
Motion in photo and motion picture through users can get frames or background pictures from the any video, select photos from the gallery motion photo editor. Using these three functionalities add music very quickly by your choice and make new motion film. Enjoy the video and share with your friends and social media accounts.




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