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The moon is a satellite of the earth, she is very beautiful and unusual long people looked at it in the hope that either view. It is truly a beautiful natural wonder! Moon fascinates people, and because it is very unusual and beautiful. Wallpaper the moon on your phone it is a particle, and every time you look at the wallpaper moon you will have to visit an unusual feeling.

– Wallpaper moon has a great selection of wallpaper here you will find many images from the moon!
-Wallpaper Moon is able to work without an internet connection is necessary only once to download wallpaper moon and enjoy these pictures for an eternity!

Moon Over Water – live wallpaper with the Moon in the evening sky over water.

Main features:

– By double-tapping the Moon you can place it on the water;
– Animated water;
– Adjustable size of the Moon and strength of waves;
– Adjustable sky: sunset or twilight;
– Moon phase selection: crescent, full moon, half moon, real moon




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