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PUBG Mobile Relaunch in India as Battleground Mobile India - Release Rumoured for June 2021

Not to mention the pubg game is special because even though there is a pubg ban in India most people do not stop playing this game. There are many reasons for this. One year has passed since pubg mobile game was banned in India. There is a lot of news that he is coming back to India again.

Coming into the topic pubg mobile beta 1.4. 0 update arrived. It is also a global version with new features available in advance through a beta update. But many are waiting for the global version of pubg mobile 1.4.0 .

Everyone already liked the pubg mobile 1.3.0 update. Also Everyone is looking forward to the changes in the next update. Godzilla update in pubg mobile 1. 4.0 update surprised everyone. Everyone is looking forward to seeing how this feature works.

If you are a pubg mobile 1.4.0 beta user then you can get this update a little earlier. Global version 1.4.0 update is also coming soon. If you want to get PUBG MOBILE 1.4.0 update click on the link below and download the apk. Please install later. All you have to do is install a “VPN” application and connect to a “US server” and update if you have any server problems.


New features included:

  • GodZilla Theme In Erangle
  • Mecha Godzilla Theme In Livik
  • Kong Theme In Sanhok
  • Many more In …


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