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The rise of mobile phones is lacking in basic technology “weird”



In recent years, Chinese mobile phone manufacturers have grown one after the other. Not only does the domestic market have a huge impact on the sale of non-high brands at extremely high prices, but it also attacks India, Africa, and even Europe and the United States, reflecting that the quality of domestic products Is getting better and better and consumers can recognize it.

According to the latest figures released by the China Academy of information and communications technology andin 2017,  since, the domestic mobile phone market overall  76,422  million units shipped, the year-on-year  6.7%  increaseDomestic branded mobile phone shipments were  67.048  million, an increase of  8.4%  year-on-yearThe source of the data, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that in 2017  the domestic mobile phone shipments are still at the beginning of 2016  in robust growth is sustained, the global smartphone industry moving forward.

However, behind the colorful data, if we have a deeper understanding of the industry, we will find some “shameful” things behind the prosperity of home mobile phones. In the past two years, domestic mobile phone brands have been strong. They are so strong that they drove Samsung out of the country. They are strong enough to oust Apple in the domestic market.

Core technology short board should be completed

    Returning to smartphones, mobile phone processors, screens and cameras are still the basic technologies of smartphones. However, in these three core technologies, home mobile phones can account for very few.

 Currently, Huawei has its own strongly except processors, other manufacturers will have to rely on others, others deliver the mail, of course, has its processor yummy “Serge this month  S1  ”  released. Models still use Qualcomm chips,  dropping Meizu360  and LeTV. Many domestic manufacturers made their debut with Qualcomm’s flagship processor as the highlight of their press conference. Is it a little deserted?

Qualcomm chips are now recognized as consumers, with a handful of Samsung  OLED  tide finally, the screen is better  LG, we see  Note2  know the situation. The Huawei  Mate 9 Pro has also used Samsung’s screen. It is still out of stock. You could say that Samsung didn’t deliberately give you a  lot of screens.  You could also say that Samsung’s screen has insufficient production capacity, but Samsung still has to decide. And this year, Apple is likely to be on  OLED, and domestic production will be even more embarrassing.

Then there is the camera. At this time almost all the cameras on smartphones are Sony sensors. This is not surprising. Japan has accumulated many years of research and development in optical and electronic products. As an extremely precise component, the camera has extremely high requirements for composition and accuracy. Without a surprising accumulation of years, it is not easy to grow bigger and stronger. The camera market is also very stable. Brand influence and word of mouth are more important than other industries. If China wants to compare a camera component to Japan, it has to focus on finding it for years, which we need to see in the spaces.

Hold the destiny firmly in your hands

    Previous mobile phone manufacturers have been in the process of Fighting Performance, Fighting Prices, Fighting Systems and Designing. Sometimes, there are some “different” designs, but most of these are dual-camera supplied by Hi-Fi sound quality and third-party manufacturers. that are similar. Dual camera functions much like the  Arc Enterprises are fromHi-fi work as e CSS technology cooperation is

So, in the past, domestic mobile phone manufacturers generally said, “I use what I have for others.” I can’t design specific functions and functions in the market such as fingerprint recognition and curved screens like Apple and Samsung. Therefore, although ”  Mad Med China  ” mobile phones are all the rage in the world, domestic mobile phone manufacturers can only achieve many things if they are made better than the basic hardware of some mobile phones. Domestic mobile phone products can truly advance through just what I need.

Key technologies are key to success

    Faced with the rapid growth of OPPO and Vivo, domestic mobile phone manufacturers have once again accelerated the pace of change. Fortunately, many domestic mobile phone manufacturers have similar burdens on the path to change. Take Xiaomi Note   2 and  Xiaomi as an example released by Xiaomi last year. Although there is a certain degree of “price increase”, novel appearance designs such as hyperbolic screens and “borderless” fullscreen are key to appealing to consumers. At the low end of the red rice series, the millet self-paced processor platform is accelerating entrepreneurship. In this regard, Xiaomi chairman Lei Jun emphasized that technological innovation is still the core driving of the company is one of the forces.

 In the case of Huawei, which burn money in research and development has always been the best, it certainly does not leave breakthroughs in core technology ga.aysy months ending BMW C,  Huawei IP 10  series issued by phones that do not use modern design adopted independently developed by Kirin 960 processor, but also equipped with Huawei on Mate9 Pro, Leica’s new generation dual-lens camera, hayprbaylud screen.

   Rather than adjusting to channel strategies in response to market trends, insisting on advances in independent technology should be a matter of further effort in the high-end performance of domestic mobile phones. Especially when domestic mobile phones have created a “control disc” situation in the domestic market, in the future, when more aggressive attacks on foreign markets are launched, the freedom of basic technology will play a more important role. However, whether it requires completely independent research and development, each manufacturer has its own decisions and trends.

Last written:

    Domestic mobile phone manufacturers are steadily expanding their global market share, and many of them are highly regarded in the industry in terms of technology and patent collection, but compared to some foreign brands Developed over the years and experienced, it is still clear that at this moment, despite the shortcomings of the smartphone industry, the harmony of the smartphone market is becoming increasingly serious. “Puzzle Sequence”, “Price Fighting” and “Sell Sell” have taken the past. Only in the future, as more and more core technologies are accumulated in the hands of domestic manufacturers, from a follower to a leader, will it be in their hands?

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