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WhatsApp Plans To Introduce Reaction Emoji Feature Similar To Facebook Messenger



WhatsApp Plans To Introduce Reaction Emoji Feature Similar To Facebook Messenger

WhatsApp might roll out the notification reaction feature soon. Once available, the feature will enable individuals to respond with information using emoji symbols on the application.


Facebook-owned texting treatment WhatsApp regularly adds new features to rival social networking sites systems and other massage treatments. According to recent reports, WhatsApp is assumed to launch message responses to its system.


Information responses offer consumers with emojis quick ways to react to a notification, which is extra convenient and practical. Uses including Instagram and Facebook Messenger are using the information reaction feature.


WhatsApp to launch notification responses soon


Consumers are going to have the capacity to react to notifications using fast emoji shortcuts


Depending on a report by WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp could roll out the information response feature quickly. While a consumer can already reply to notifications through sending an emoji, information reactions supply a handy option to the very same.


Update required to gain access to the upcoming feature


Whether the choice of emojis available on Instagram and Facebook Messenger will be acquired in WhatsApp or even the messaging system will certainly get a listing of its own is unidentified at the moment. However, those who have not improved WhatsApp to its own newest model could not access the feature. A screenshot shared through WaBetaInfo appears to inform a receiver with an unsupported model of the function.


The WhatsApp Message Reaction is going to be available for Android customers to begin with


In scenario a receiver is making use of an upgraded version of the application and responds to the sender’s notification (that is, making use of an older treatment model), the receiver would certainly not be able to find the responses. In such a circumstance, the receiver will acquire notification from WhatsApp, asking to update to the latest version of the use that supports the notification responses.


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