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WhatsApp Reacts to Criticism Over Privacy policy concerns, Alleges Aarogya Setu, Zomato, Ola, Collect Same or More Data: Report.



WhatsApp Reacts to Criticism Over Privacy policy concerns

WhatsApp likewise reportedly called out US tech giants Google, Microsoft, and Zoom for bringing similar privacy policies.

WhatsApp has said in its action to a petition filed versus its privacy policy upgrade in the Delhi High Court that various Internet-based applications and websites have comparable policies and that some even gather more data, according to a report. The immediate messaging app owned by Facebook supposedly pointed out privacy policies of companies consisting of Big Basket, Koo, Ola, Truecaller, and Zomato in addition to the government’s contact tracing app Aarogya Setu in an affidavit submitted in the high court.

The messaging app also called US tech giants Google, Microsoft, and Zoom and considered Republic World, the digital endeavour of news channel Republic TELEVISION, Inc42 reports citing an affidavit submitted in the Delhi High Court on May 5.

WhatsApp’s action to the petition filed in the court especially came several days before it revealed to ditch the May 15 due date for bringing its brand-new personal privacy policy. It started in a media report that it would not remove accounts of users who did not receive the policy update, and no one in India would lose the functionality of its app.

Nevertheless, WhatsApp clarified in an FAQ page that users “will encounter restricted functionality” on its app up until they accept the update. “This will not occur to all users at the same time,” it noted.

WhatsApp informed the Delhi High Court in the affidavit that if the court blocks its new personal privacy policy upgrade, it will interrupt other tech business in the nation, consisting of those facilitating grocery shipments and assisting in online visits with physicians.

The privacy policy upgrade aims to allow WhatsApp to broaden its organization in India and other markets by enabling Facebook and third parties to access its user information to a remarkable range. The deadline to acquire the new privacy policy was first proposed for February 8, though the deadline was pushed to May 15 due to nationwide outrage before getting scrapped.

In January, the Delhi High Court, in action to a petition against WhatsApp, stated that accepting the brand-new personal privacy policy was “voluntary”. One could choose not to sign up with the platform if they disagreed with its conditions and terms. The court at that time had stated that “even Google Maps records all your stores and information it”.



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