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It gives us immense pleasure and pride to announce that we are now entering the 4th year. It is due to loyal users like you that today we have crossed the milestone of more than 1 lakh app downloads. This app has the best of Stotras, Shlokas and Aarti hymns for Ganesh Chaturthi

1. Sattvik Ganesh idol – What are the dimensions of a ‘Shastriya’ idol ? Learn about these specifications and get your own idol prepared accordingly.

2. Science behind worship – Why do we bring in a new idol of Ganeshji every year ? Why are certain items (modak, durva grass, red flowers) offered to Ganeshji ? and many more questions answered.

3. Pujan vidhi – In the absence of a purohit / priest you can do the complete Ganesh ji Sthapana vidhi using our easy to follow guide. Audio available in Marathi language too !

4. Video gallery – Instructive videos on celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi / Ganeshotsav as well as unique research about Shri Ganesh ji.

5. Aarti and hymn – Now you can chant and recite various stotras of Ganesh ji like Atharvashirsham, Sankatnashan Stotra easily. Listen to the audio and read the lyrics to follow along.

6. Ideal Ganeshotsav – Learn how to celebrate the Ganeshotsav in a shastriya manner.

7. Visarjan (Idol Immersion) – How to immerse the idol of Ganesh ji properly ? What to do in these times of pandemics to stay safe ?

8. Stop Denigration – Do you know that wearing T-shirts with Ganesh ji’s face printed on them is insulting to the Deity ? These articles will help you recognise and stop the denigration of Ganesh ji.

9. Pilgrim Centres – In these times when you cannot leave the house, have a virtual darshan of the various forms of Ganesh ji from various famous pilgrim sites across India.

10. Stories for children – Stories from Ganesh ji’s life for the young ones at home !




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