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Live Photo Motion is One Of the Best Application to Convert your Stable Pics to Live Effect,
Means If You Capture Photo at Beach and you want to Movement Sea Like Real then Select Area which you can move and Then Play it You realise Sea Movement in Photo.

Live Photo Motion is also Known as Video Converter Means you can Convert Your Image into Video Format.
Live Photo Motion is Also Called as Best Photo Effect of 2020.
Live Photo Motion Included 30+ Photo Effect to Make Your Photo Amazing.

Live Photo Motion is Included:-
– Motion Feature
– Sequence Gesture
– Stabilise Effect
– Mark
– Select Specific area like Photoshop
– 3000 + Stickers to Set on Image.

In short we Capture a Pics in our Mobile is Stable and If you Want to Give Life to Your Photos Then Must Try This Application.

It’s called One Type of Animation Set to Your Photos
– Set the clouds in the sky move in Your Photo.
– Let the river flow in Your Photo like real.
– Let your hair float in the wind looks pretty.
– Set the rid of gravity and let the waterfall flow upwards or Downward.
– it is also Called As Real Photo Editor.

2. You can Beautify your photos Easily.

– Add filters and presets, landscape, film, portrait,Cropping and more.




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