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T-Mobile Announces Hackers Stole Personal Data of About 7.8 Million Customers



T-Mobile Announces Hackers Stole Personal Data of About 7.8 Million Customers

Records concerning 850,000 prepaid consumers and much more than 40 thousand files of former or even prospective customers were additionally swiped.



  • Data from regarding 850,000 prepaid consumers were stolen
  • T-Mobile had recognized the information violation on Monday
  • T-Mobile claimed its taking “urgent measures” to guard customers vulnerable


T-Mobile US pointed out on Wednesday an ongoing investigation into a cyberattack on its bodies uncovered that some personal records concerning 7.8 numerous its existing postpaid customers were jeopardized.


The business was warned of the attack late recently. It said in a declaration after an online forum declared that personal information of its consumers was dripped.


Data from 850,000 prepaid clients and greater than 40 thousand documents of former or even possible customers were likewise stolen, T-Mobile mentioned.


It claimed that the breached data included:


  • Consumers’ first and last names.
  • Day of childbirth.
  • Social security numbers.
  • Vehicle driver’s permit information.


Still, there was no sign that their financial details are jeopardized.


The telecom driver recognized the data violation on Monday and mentioned that it was confident the access aspect was used to access the data had been finalized.


T-Mobile stated its own taking “immediate measures” to shield individuals in jeopardy. Here’s what the company pointed out on the solutions being taken:

Because of this searching, our company is taking immediate measures to assist secure every one of the people that might risk from this cyberattack. Communications will undoubtedly be released soon to consumers outlining that T-Mobile is:


Right away, giving two years of cost-free identification protection companies along with McAfee’s ID Theft Protection Service.


Recommending all T-Mobile postpaid clients proactively modify their PIN by browsing the web right into their T-Mobile profile or calling our Customer Care crew through calling 611 on your phone. This preventative measure is even though our company possess no understanding that any postpaid profile PINs was risked.


Delivering an additional step to defend your roaming profile with our Account Takeover Protection abilities for postpaid customers makes it harder for customer profiles to be fraudulently ported out and swiped.


Publishing a distinct web page eventually Wednesday for one quit relevant information and services to assist consumers in taking measures to additional guard on their own.


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